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Recruitment agencies often cover several different industries, to maximise exposure to their business. H-Seventeen take a different approach. We are firm believers in quality over quantity and so we only make connections within the manufacturing industry. Specialisation is what your company does best; you need a staffing solution that understands that.

Production managers, within a manufacturing setting, play a vital role in the success of a company. Overseeing the whole manufacturing process, they are tasked with making certain that production lines run efficiently and smoothly.

Setting targets and making sure that finished products are up to standard are just two of the crucial tasks that await a production manager. Finding highly skilled people to fill these demanding positions is not always easy, especially when companies are keen to retain their talent.

That being said, there are ways to get the skilled staff that you need without you sourcing from another organisation in the manufacturing industry. 

Specialist recruitment agencies such as H-Seventeen are able to connect employers with the kind of staff that will make their companies prosper.

When it comes to filling these kinds of positions, you need somebody that can manage supervisors as well as oversee the process and ensure product quality. What you need are experienced managers.

Our production managers are experienced, highly skilled individuals that are looking for new challenges and opportunities. Can your company afford to spend the time and resources needed for training junior production operatives for positions that need filling today?

H-Seventeen can make the process of finding your next skilled hire much easier by taking on the hard work of finding prospective production managers for you. We are not like any other recruitment agency, we only have the people that manufactures are actually looking for.

Those production managers that find themselves without production lines can register with us in complete confidence.

By signing up, those looking for production management positions can browse the available jobs at leisure and apply directly.

Manufacturing production management positions have never been easier to find, just sign up, login and have the job you are looking for right at your fingertips. No more searching through page after page of irrelevant job openings. We only work with the manufacturing industry, so you know that your ideal job is right here waiting for you to find it.

Whether you are looking to switch jobs or you are rejoining the workforce, we have the positions available that you have worked hard for. Don’t let your talents go to waste - contact us today on 0113 209 1656

Filling production management positions doesn’t have to be time consuming, and there is no need to potentially increase product line faults and lose revenue while training staff members to take on the responsibility of production    

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