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Most industries today need the skills that professional, experienced welders possess. Recruitment agencies such as H-Seventeen can help bridge the gap between skilled welder and employer. There are many different industries where a given company may require the services of a welder, such as:

● Manufacturing

● Vehicle repair

● Engineering

● Transport

● Shipbuilding

● Construction

Or even industries that are ‘further afield’ such as:

● Aerospace

● Oil and gas platforms and pipelines

If you are looking for the kind of skilled welder that is able to excel within your company, you are in the right place. H-Seventeen can provide you with the perfect match for you right here. Whether your industry is mentioned above or you work in another field, we can help.

Residential and commercial projects are increasing year on year, what is missing is the skilled workforce. Or, rather, the workforce and the employer cannot find one another.

H-Seventeen, as a recruitment agency, provides the skilled welders that companies and manufacturers need in order to flourish. Welders that are looking for a new role can register with us and be connected with the kinds of opportunities that they have trained so long and hard for.

The professional welders that we have on file, ready to start work, and we always welcome to register with us, are disciplined in several key areas and different types of welding:

MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas welding (also called Gas Metal Arc Welding, or GAMW) is a type of arc welding that makes use of a metal electrode. A gas is used to shield the area from naturally occurring oxygen in the air.

H-Seventeen is always looking to register MIG welders to add to our database. This is because MIG welding is one of the more sought after welding disciplines.

We welcome welders of all types to register though, as we always have interested employers looking for welders with experience in all areas of the profession.

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas welding uses a very specific electrode, a Tungsten (W) electrode to be precise and the gas used is Argon. On a basic level, the process is the same for TIG welding as it is for MIG, but the key difference lies in the filling. The electrode itself is non-consumable, meaning the filler needs to be sourced externally.

TIG welding is cleaner than MIG welding, but is also more expensive and requires more training to get right. Furthermore, MIG welding is only suitable for use where metals that contain iron are used, whereas TIG is suitable for any type of metal. 

Keeping these things in mind can help in deciding what kind of specialist welder you wish to hire.

With that point in mind, welders that wish to register with us should let us know which discipline they have trained in (MIG or TIG) or whether they are able to undertake work using either welding method. 

Get in touch with us today on 0113 2091656, or you can use our contact form. Whether you are hiring or looking for work - in either case, we have the perfect match just waiting for somebody like you!

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