Retained Recruitment


Retained recruitment: the benefits of using an executive search arm


We want to tell you about our new service: the executive search arm (also known as retained recruitment and headhunting).

The difference between contingency recruitment and retained recruitment

We already offer a contingency recruitment service which is what you will most likely think of when you think of recruitment. 

Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is the standard practice where we, the recruiter, earn our fee when we ultimately place someone in your company. It is ideal for filling the types of positions that have a lot of applicants - because there is a wide pool of people to choose from, potential candidates are found fast. 

We compete against other recruiters who are also sending prospective candidates your way, we are even up against your internal HR department (if you have one). 

It’s a competitive business for us, one where we don’t get any money unless we find you the winning candidate. The onus is on us to come up trumps.

This approach is fine, until you, the client, require senior executives and then it doesn’t work for either of us. 

Finding senior executives requires a much more comprehensive approach. You need a retained recruiter to find you the perfect executive.

Retained recruitment

You may think that the only difference between retained recruitment and contingency recruitment is simply when we, the recruiter, gets paid. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Yes a retained recruiter is paid in advance of starting your search. But what you get for your money is invaluable.

Benefits of retained recruitment

1. Exclusivity. 

We are retained exclusively by you, our client. On your behalf we conduct an exhaustive, boutique search to find you your top talent. 

Our search process:

● Initial meeting with you to determine what it is you require in your ideal candidate, establish your remuneration package and put together a joint plan of action to find someone for you.

● Create a formal job description - this senior executive role is unique to your company, so the job description for it has to be bespoke.

● Conduct targeted searches through our existing client bases: we look at all potential candidates, scour all of our internal and external databases, meet with industry contacts and advertise in trade press. We then establish the most appropriate way to approach each individual.

● Contact potential candidates and conduct initial screenings evaluating their job match. Invite suitable candidates for initial interview. If not successful, we revise the requirements and search again. 

● Conduct in-depth interviews and preliminary reference checks - personality is just as important as qualifications and experience. We ensure to undertake this process with the utmost discretion.

● Identify the best candidates for you to choose a shortlist of four to six to invite to interview.

● You interview the candidates and if necessary refine your search criteria again.

● Once you have selected your newest team member we continue to work closely with both you and them to ensure a smooth transition into your organisation.

2. Dedication. 

By retaining our services we aren’t in competition with any other recruitment agency to find you your dream team player. We don’t therefore have to watch our back, meaning we can dedicate all of our resources to fulfilling your needs.


The only prospects you ever meet are the real deal. 

We don’t waste your time with ‘maybes’.

3. Excellence.

In retained recruitment we find you the best there is, not just the best of who’s available.

4. Success.

The parameters for what it takes to be classed as top talent are very narrow. Hunting for what you specifically require is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

But that isn’t a concern for us, it’s a challenge. And we thrive and deliver on a good challenge. 

5. Skilled communicators. 

We are expert negotiators. At the top level it is a fine balancing act, yet we are adept at handling delicate situations, there is a lot at stake, discretion is essential.

The cost of retained recruitment

There is a cost to this service, but it is money worth spending. 

Our retained executive search arm produce better results for you which means you ultimately end up saving money. 


Because the wrong hire can be expensive. 

Hiring senior level staff is crucial to the success of any growing business. The wrong hire can set you back significantly in terms of both time and money. 

It can negatively impact a team, it can cause divides, create unnecessary stress at work and create a toxic environment that is no longer productive. And you can’t simply let someone go if you’ve made an error hiring them, especially if they are a senior hire. 

By using retained recruitment you reduce the risk of making a wrong hire. 

The bottom line for any company is money. Time is money, and time spent recruiting senior level personnel is time that you could better spend growing your company. 

So leave it to us and let us find you the best staff to help you achieve your goals.